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Florida Man Flew To Chicago To Cut Off Ex-Girlfriend’s Boyfriend’s Penis and Carve His Initials In His Leg

A Florida man is facing time in jail after flying to Chicago to cut off his ex-girlfriend’s new love interest’s penis. 

28-year-old Justin Foster appeared at a hearing on Thursday, where details of the gruesome attack emerged. Prosecutors stated at the hearing that Foster was outraged that his ex-girlfriend had moved on. 

Authorities say Foster flew from Atlanta to Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport, rented a car and then drove to Des Plaines with the intent of confronting the 26-year-old man they say was dating Foster’s former girlfriend. Prosecutors allege Foster approached the man on the street, hit him in the head with a tire iron, carved initials into his leg and then cut off his penis.

After cutting off the 26-year-old’s penis, Foster threw it over the fence and dragged the man behind a parked car to hide him and left him in a pool of blood. Foster then returned to the airport and caught a flight to Atlanta. The wounded man survived but suffered permanent brain damage. 

Foster was arrested in Tallahassee on Aug. 27 and was brought to Cook County on Sept. 20 to face the charge.

At Thursday’s bond hearing, Assistant State’s Attorney Luis Muniz argued against setting a bail for Foster.

‘We’re talking about a very heinous crime here,’ Muniz said, adding that Foster knows where the victim lives and could be a danger. ‘A monetary bond is not appropriate.’

The defense suggested that bail be set at $250,000. Judge Anjana Hansen ultimately granted Foster bail of $1 million. Foster is due in court next Wednesday. 

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