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Florida Moves Forward With Bill That Will Train and Arm Teachers With Guns

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The process for bills to pass teachers being trained and armed with guns is moving quickly in Florida.

After the Feb. 14, terror attack at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High, Florida’s House, and Senate started calling for weapons in the school. The House bills being pushed forward would use a $67 million budget to create a “school marshalls” program which will train teachers and other school officials to carry concealed guns.



Not only has Trump said he’d like to arm 20 percent of teachers, he also says he’ll give bonuses to the ones who go through with the program. If the new legislation passes the age requirement for buying guns will rise to 21. Other changes include: banning the sale of bump stocks that allow some semi-automatic rifles to fire as quickly as an automatic, a three-day waiting period for people purchasing a gun, and another $400 million will go towards other school mental health resources.



Florida’s state House and Senate are both controlled by the Republican Party.

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  1. white people will sacrifice their own kids and people #reference 911, just to get an agenda passed can you imagine a teacher with a gun and training handling a student who in unarmed with a gun like really ?!>!>!

  2. All the wrong children will be getting shot! To date we have not had a mass school shoot done by a black student. So with this bill a lot of black kids WILL be getting shot! People backed that cop that slammed the young black girl for using her phone in class and that terrorist was taken in alive! Watch out!!!

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