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Fly Out Do’s & Don’ts: Here’s How You Can Avoid Becoming A Hashtag

Social media has been riddled with fly-out disaster stories, so I thought it was about time that we compiled a list of do’s and don’ts for accepting a fly out offer. Whether a Baller has propositioned you to see him, or you’re a woman who can’t get a guy to cop his own flights to see you, here are a few tips and tricks to have a successful fly-out encounter.


Ladies (and some of you men), here’s what you should know about flying out:


1. Make sure you know the person you are going to see – Do not, under any circumstances, fly out to meet with a total stranger. You should have already built some type of rapport with him/her. Hang out with this person in a public setting, schedule FaceTime or Skype dates, communicate with this person and get a feel for them before you travel to uncharted territories. If your intuition tells you this person is shady, they probably are. Go with your gut!


2. Always get your flight confirmations – I know this seems like common sense but many people are being flown out, only to find out there was never a return flight booked. Always make sure that you ask for confirmation numbers for your flights there and returning. Double check those confirmation numbers with the airline’s customer service or website. Do not get on a flight to come see someone if you have not been given a confirmation number for a flight home. Again, if something seems sketchy, don’t go.


3. Always get your hotel confirmations – Do not, under any circumstances, fly out to a total stranger and stay at his home. Not only is that not safe, it’s not smart. Make sure that there is a hotel booked for you, preferably one that is prepaid, and call the hotel to confirm the room is paid for BEFORE you board your flight.


4. Bring emergency money – You should never leave home without emergency cash. Always have money for a hotel, transportation or a flight home, in the event that something goes wrong. If you can’t afford to have emergency funds, you can’t afford to be flown out. Put your safety before some rendezvous.


5. Tell your loved ones where you’re going – Before you board a flight, make sure to tell those close to you where you will be, what time you land, and how to get in contact with you. Give a friend or family member your hotel information, vehicle license plates, the name and number of the person you’re with and make sure to check in with them throughout your trip. I know it may seem dramatic, but there are some crazy people out there. Make sure the people who love you always know that you’re safe.


6. You don’t have to have sex – Remember, just because you’re being flown out does not mean you are obligated to have sex. Yes, often times it is expected, but you shouldn’t be rushed into it if you feel unfomfotable. If for whatever reason you don’t want to have sex, simply don’t. If you do have sex, protect yourself.


7. If you’re the one flying someone out, protect your assets – Just because you’re the one flying someone out doesn’t mean you are 100% safe. If this is someone that you don’t know well, make sure you don’t leave any expensive belongings around them, or invite them into your home until you feel comfortable doing so. It’s better to be safe than robbed and sorry.


8. Take your L’s in silence – Did your fly out experience not go as planned? Was he a creep? Was she a catfish? Take your L in silence and move on! Do not go to social media, revealing your deep dark secrets to us. That does not make you look good. In fact, it makes you the joke of the day. For the sake of your online future, don’t tell anyone what happened. Just move on.


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