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Flying Out To Be With Your Baller, Well Make Sure You…..

After today’s madness with an “Instagram Model” flying out to spend time with a baller went completely left, it was only right to help these future prospects out so they aren’t looking dumb in the end.


If you meet a baller and the two of you exchange numbers, you are actually headed in the right direction, depending on what you are expecting to get out of him. Now, you have to understand that these ballers travel a lot, so you are not the only one on his radar. However the two of you met, he saw something in you but what you do from here on out determines the next steps.


Let’s say your baller is hitting up his next spot like Miami and wants to “see you,” so he tells you to get a flight to come see him. First of all, if he wants to see you, he will pay for your travel. There are plenty of apps that he can use to transfer you funds, so that you can get to your Baller. Now you don’t have to worry about getting stranded and not having a way back home. Don’t leave home without your own funds. You don’t want to rely on him ballin’ on you, then he does the complete opposite.


Now that you have booked your flight, what are your intentions? Do not leave home thinking your Baller wants to Netflix and Chill. Honestly, if he wanted that he could’ve gotten someone that’s local. I’m not telling you to have sex but do not leave home with different expectations and get your feelings hurt.


Think about this trip as a vacation. If he didn’t offer to pay for the hotel stay, you better book your own. You don’t want him to check you out of the hotel because you acting funny. If you’re smart, you’ll have everything in your name.


Next, have your Baller take you out to dinner and shopping. If sex is what you want, then get what you want and still enjoy yourself. Do not rely on just him for an awesome getaway. You can still enjoy the your trip with a little relaxation.


The last thing to remember is to save the bragging and exposing. You will ruin your chances for another getaway when you open your mouth.  Don’t tell your female friends about your rendezvous with your Baller, she’ll only try her hand at him herself. Don’t run to social media to blast him because you’re pissed at the moment. At the end of the day, you will be the only one looking stupid in the end.


What are some other tips and “things to know” for when a Baller flies you out?

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  1. If you not F#cking don’t fly out, long story short

  2. Drop them draws or move along. Do you know how many women are trying to get at him on a regular!?! Who do you think you are? A Kartrashian? LMAO
    Remember payment up front! LOL Don’t expect him to leave it on the night stand!!! Bahahahahaha

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