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Forbes Reveals The Highest Paid Athletes of All-Time


Every year, we look forward to Forbes releasing their highly anticipated list of the highest paid celebrities. From the highest-paid comedians, actors, actresses, and musicians, we get anxious to see where our faves landed this year. Recently, the publication released its list of the highest-paid athletes of all-time, factoring in their lives in uniform, their endorsement deals and life after sports through the end of May 2016.

Check out who made this list this year –

  1. Michael Jordan – As expected, the Goat leads the pack tallying a whopping $1.7 billion throughout his career. For starters, Jordan made $93 million in salary over a span of 15 seasons in the NBA. But, in addition to his super successful career on the court, Jordan cashes in $100 million a year from Nike.
  2. Tiger Woods – After a 15-month break to recover from surgery, Woods has returned. However, he remains one of the highest paid athletes in the game reeling in $1.65 during his career. Just from endorsements alone, Woods raked in $45 million this past year.
  3. Arnold Palmer – The golf legend lands third on the list, with a total of $1.35 billion. From endorsements, to branded items and licensing partners, Palmer, who passed in September due to heart complications, was earning $40 million annually in the past years of his life.
  4. Jack Nicklaus – Another pro golfer scores a top spot on the list with career earnings of $1.15 billion. In light of often being regarded as one of the greatest golfers of all time, his golf course design firm keeps him high on the Forbes list.
  5. Michael Schumacher – While, fifth isn’t as good as landing first, as he did in 1999 and 2000, Schumacher is still making big bucks as a retired racecar driver with $1 billion career earnings.
  6. Kobe Bryant – The black mamba, who retired last season as the highest paid athlete in the history of team sports, finishes 6th this year with $770 million.
  7. Floyd Mayweather – Money Mayweather, Pretty boy Floyd, whatever you want to call him – the man is paid. This year, Mayweather’s fight with Manny Pacquiao generated $600 million in revenue, leaving Floyd with $240 million to take home. Mayweather’s career earnings land him at 7th with $765 million.
  8. Phil Mickelson – With pro golfer’s dominating this year’s list, Mickelson lands at number 8 with $760 million.
  9. David Beckham – Beckham has reportedly seen the big bucks in his retirement. At number 9, with $730 million the movie deals, along with partnerships has kept Beckham rolling with the big ballers.
  10. Shaquille O’Neal – Otherwise known as Shaq Diesel. While, it is unclear if his music helped him secure a spot in the top 10 on Forbes, his $292 million over a span of 19-years in the league, may have done the trick. Career earnings of $700 million for the big man.

Check out the rest of the big ballers and their career earnings below.

11. Mike Tyson – $685 million

12. Greg Norman – $680 million

13. LeBron James – $640 million

14. Cristiano Ronaldo – $620 million

15. Roger Federer – $600 million

16. Alex Rodriguez – $600 million

17. Lionel Messi – $520 million

18. Jeff Gordon – $515 million

19. Oscar De La Hoya – $510 million

20. Manny Pacquiao – $490 million


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