Former 7-Eleven Owner Opens '6-Twelve' Store Across The Street

Former 7-Eleven Owner Opens ‘6-Twelve’ Store Across The Street


Some people just know how to take petty to the next level, and Abu Musa of Boston is one of them.

The Bangladesh native opened a 7-Eleven franchise in 2005, and things were going well for years until a new field consultant took over the region. According to Musa, the corporation forced him to start selling pizza and chicken wings (on top of the standard hot dogs and taquitos that were already going to waste every night), and he didn’t want to get on board with the requirements. From that point on, his relationship with the company just continued to worsen. Musa claims he would consistently get written up for the smallest infractions and in 2014, 7-Eleven revoked his franchise, claiming that he was using shady business practices like failing to ring in purchases at the register.

After a lengthy legal battle with the convenience store giant, he settled for an undisclosed amount and decided to get even by opening his own store on the other side of the street. He called it 6-Twelve. Yes, those are his store’s hours, but more so a jab at his former company.


When asked about his venture, he was very honest, “My goal is to get them to close. I know the price of everything in that store, so I sell the same things cheaper.”


Musa says business has been growing slowly, but over half of his new customers are former patrons of his 7-Eleven store.

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