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Former NFL Player Named Prime Suspect in Wife’s Stabbing Death

Former Dallas Cowboys player, Anthony McClanahan, has been named the prime suspect in his wife’s murder.

Keri “KC” McClanahan, 28, was found dead Thursday morning at the Park Regency condominiums in Utah. The woman’s body was found in the bed of a third-story room, with stab wounds to her throat. The incident was reported after “ruckus” was heard from the room and blood splatters were found in the parking lot.

Shortly after, KC’s husband, Anthony, was identified as the primary suspect and taken into custody, but charges have yet to be filed in KC’s death. However, the former baller was charged with an unrelated kidnapping on Friday, after Anthony picked up his 8-year-old son from school on Oct. 3. The child’s mother contacted authorities to help assist in the return of her son, but it wasn’t until Oct.12, when Anthony was located and arrested that the young boy was returned to his mother. Anthony was then released on $150,000 bail, exactly two weeks before KC was found murdered in the condominiums.

Her sister, Heather Gauf, told Salt Lake Tribune that there was a history of violence between KC and Anthony, adding that her sister fled from Anthony several times, and had recently moved to Utah, just months after marrying Anthony in January.

“She was such an amazing mother and such a beautiful humanitarian,” Gauf said. “This is going to deeply affect my little niece and nephew, to know that their mother was murdered.”

Anthony is currently being held without bail.

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  2. Well these ninja’s just can’t get enough white women. How many white women did he date before the fame? WTH!?! You can’t hit us with a OJ type murder & not give more details. “The woman’s body was found in the bed of a third-story room,” buildings have rooms. Was it a house, hotel? And who is he? Not enough fame, he’s going down for this.

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