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Fulton County Chairman Calls for Criminal Investigation of R. Kelly


Fulton County Board of Commissioners Chairman has called for a criminal investigation into the allegations that claim R&B singer R.Kelly has been holding women against their will.


On Friday, John Eaves said new information has been discovered in connection to the sex cult allegations that have since “severely raised the level of concern.”


Back in July, Buzzfeed released a story that alleged the singer had been holding women against their will “in a cult” at a home in Johns Creek. Now, Eaves is eager to look into it.


“A detailed local investigation by the John Creek Police Department has provided key information that we believe is enough evidence that gives the Fulton County District Attorney’s Office all it needs to advance a criminal investigation of the well-known allegations,” Eaves said during a press conference.


“I believe the citizens of Fulton County deserve this investigation,” he continued. “I’m going to stress to the [Fulton County] district attorney that a full investigation be done, because I believe questions should be answered.”


“Again, as a father of a teenager daughter and a responsible leader in this community, we have a moral responsibility to stand up for people who cannot protect themselves. Today, I am asking our Fulton County Justice officials to do just that. If we won’t protect our young girls and young women, who will,” he said.


However, according to the AJC, the city’s Lt. Chris Byers has since refuted those claims, saying “there is no new evidence in the closed investigation.” In addition, an attorney for the R&B singer has also denied the accusations, saying “Mr. Robert Kelly is both alarmed and disturbed by the recent revelations attributed to him. Mr. Kelly unequivocally denies such accusations and will work diligently and forcibly to pursue his accusers and clear his name.”


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  1. I use to think it wasn’t a big deal when they charged him back in the day but after I read that article about how he treats these young ladies it’s clear that he is sick. Eric Bennet and Tiger Woods aren’t sex addicts but this ni99a is a bonafide sex addict. These women are basically f#cked for the rest of their life because when he does get tired of them or they get to old for him they’ll have no relationship with their family because they chose a pedophile over the parents who raised them, they won’t have any social skills because they aren’t allowed to communicate with the outside world, most likely they’ll never come out with music because he doesn’t want them in public answering questions about him and they probably signed a 360 deal so even if they leave him he’ll have control over their careers, they also probably signed a None Disclosure Agreement so they won’t be able to talk or sing about what they went through with Kelly when they do leave him and you know he not giving them no money so they won’t even be financially stable, the ni99a was making millions on tour and would only pay his brother $250 a week. https://youtu.be/N-bC6gBxqGI

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