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Gareon Conley Denies Rape Accusations, Says the Encounter was “Consensual”

Earlier this month, former Ohio State cornerback, Gareon Conley, was accused of raping a woman at a downtown Cleveland hotel. Although Conley has not been charged or arrested for the alleged crime, he has passionately denied the accusation and has provided Cleveland police with information in an attempt to clear his name once and for all.


On Monday, according to representative Kevin Spellacy, Conley, who was the 24th overall pick in the NFL draft by the Oakland Raiders, contacted Cleveland police to reveal that he had a consensual sexual encounter with the woman, despite the initial claim that “nothing sexual happened” that night. However, Conley maintained that he did not assault the woman. Conley also provided a statement and a DNA sample to the police, as the Cuyahoga County Prosecutors office decides on whether or not to press charges.


Since the incident, Spellacy refuted the claims cited in the police report, saying his client met the woman at the bar, revealing that there is footage showing the two holding hands on their way to the hotel. However, in the initial report, the woman said she met the baller in the elevator of the hotel, just before heading to his room. Spellacy also reached out to NFL Insider Ian Rapoport, who he initially disclosed the new information, to clear up his statement concerning the “consensual” encounter, saying “When I referenced a ‘consensual sexual event,’ I was NOT referring to intercourse. That did NOT happen.”


As the investigation continues, the Raiders have revealed that they are “comfortable” with their decision to draft Conley. The team’s general manager discussed their decision to move forward with Conley.


“I understand the issues involved,” Reggie McKenzie said. “But we did our research, and we read all the reports, and we did more than our due diligence. After all the information we got, we were comfortable with making this choice and confident in the player he is.”

Read the full police report below, via Heavy.com:


On April 9, 2017 while assigned to zone car 9634 in company with PO Pesta #576 we received a radio assignment for a possible sexual assault at 777 St. Clair. Below are the details of this incident.
Upon our arrival we were met by the victim (redacted) who stated she was raped by a male in room 1621 of the Weston Hotel. (Redacted) was out with some friends that she walked back to the Westin Hotel with at 0245 hrs. While riding the elevator with her friends they she met the named suspect (Gareon Rashad Conley.) (Redacted) decided not to go with her friends and go with Conley to his room. While in the room, (Redacted) said another male, witness 1 (Redacted) was in the room with a black female. (Witness 1) and the black female went into the bathroom. (The victim) said while they were in the bathroom she began to hear some commotion going on. At the same time, Conley asked (Redacted) if she wanted to have a foursome with the couple in the bathroom. She told Conley she wanted to watch the couple in the bathroom. (Redacted) only said this to Conley to try and avoid having sex with Conley all together. (The victim) got up from the bed and walked to the bathroom. (Redacted) said the black female (redacted). At this time Conley was behind (Redacted). (Redacted) said Conley reach into his sock and grabbed (Redacted) spun around and unbuttoned her pants. (Redacted) was spun back around and Conley pulled her pants down. Conley bent (Redacted) over in the bathroom and began to (Redacted). During the sexual act, (Redacted) was saying, “no stop, it hurts!” After a few minutes Conley was done and kicked (Redacted) out of the room. (Redacted) described Conley as a black male who wouldn’t take his sunglasses off and had an Ohio State tattoo on his left forearm.
Myself, PO Pesta, Sgt Harris #9146 and off duty Sgt. Smith #9134 went up to room #1621. We knocked on the door and no one answered. Sgt. Harris asked Sgt. Smith to get a room card key so we could get into the room. When we gained entry to the room 2 black males were sleeping. Witness 1 (Redacted) was sleeping in the bed closest to the window and witness 2 (Redacted) was sleeping in the chair next to the window. After (Redacted) gathered himself he admitted him and his girlfriend (the black female who did not want to make a statement) hooked up and he kicked her out. When (Redacted) was asked about the white girl (Redacted) he said he didn’t touch her. (Redacted) said his best friend, Gareon R. Conley, was with the white girl. (Redacted) said Conley never touched her and the white girl got mad because she got kicked out of the room. Witness 2 (Redacted) said he was sitting in the chair by the window the whole time Conley and (the victim) were in the room. (Redacted) said Conley and (Redacted) were relaying (sic) on the bed together, but nothing happened. (Redacted) said the room is in Conley’s name, but did not know where he was at the time of this interview.
Sgt. Gomes #9135 on scene to interview the victim (redacted). WCS #4811.
While in the room no evidence was found. The room was in normal shape.
EMS #1 conveyed victim to Metro Hospital for a rape kit and treatment.
I attempted to interview (Redacted) at the hospital, with negative results. (Redacted) just keep saying she wanted to go home and that her dignity was stripped from her in a manner of minutes. (Redacted) did not talk to me after that.
Rape kit to be picked up by day shift.
WCS #3466 #9223


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