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Geraldo Rivera Is One Of The Latest Names Added To Hollywood Sexual Predator List

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Attorney and media vet, Geraldo Rivera, has no problem inserting his opinion into sensitive matters, but it seems his latest insertion regarding the sexual accusations in Hollywood may have gotten him into hot water.
Rivera took to social media to express the investigative necessity regarding the sexual assault claims. Rivera wrote, “News is a flirty business and it seems like a current epidemic of #SexHarassmentAllegations may be criminalizing courtship and conflating it [with] predation”. He continued saying that many of the accusations may have ulterior motives.
Shortly after a video of the 1991 Barbara Walters interview of Beth Midler surfaced showing Midler accusing Rivera of sexual assault. Rivera has published his autobiography chronicling his career sexual trysts. Rivera named Midler as insatiable. However, Midler revealed that their encounter did not go as written.


“Geraldo and his producer came to do an interview with me, in the Seventies, in the early Seventies. This was when he was very hot. He and his producer left the crew in the other room, they pushed me into my bathroom, they broke two poppers and pushed them under my nose, and proceeded to grope me… I did not offer myself up on the altar of Geraldo Rivera. He was unseemly.”
Thursday . Midler tweeted “Yup. Me Too.” She noted that Rivera may have apologized for supporting Matt Lauer, but he never apologized for assaulting her.

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