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Get The Strap: 50 Cent Follows Through With His Promise To Sue Website For Using His Picture on Article He Claimed Was “Fake News”

Earlier this week, #50Cent’s “Power” co-star, LaLa, sat down with “Desus & Mero” to discuss the forthcoming season of the hit show. From the introduction of the new-and-improved Tariq to the relationship between Keisha and Tommy, and of course, Kanan’s highly-anticipated tagline, “Get The Strap,” the television host-turned-entrepreneur and actress, even shared an interesting story about 50’s character. Long story short, he’s a man of his word.

In fact, 50 Cent proved that in a recent lawsuit against HipHopDx. 

Just two days ago, the rapper took to Instagram to share an article published by HipHopDx, headlined, “50 Cent Didn’t Sell ‘Get The Strap’ To Belabor MMA for $1M.” The photo was captioned, “this shit is fake news. Justin Ivey, you better go fact check. Matter of fact, I’m gonna sue you and this website for using my picture in the morning. Get the strap.” 


Although many chalked 50’s threat up to his normal social media bad guy behavior, as it turns out, the rapper was serious about the suit. In fact, according to TMZ, 50 filed a suit against the website for its post about the sale of the catchphrase “Get the strap.” 

The website’s post came after 50 shared a photo of himself getting a haircut with the caption, “I did a deal today I sold (get the strap) for a million dollars to Viacom’s Bellator. So you will see it on some cooler clothing shortly.” He then posted a photo of himself with the Bellator crew, which HipHopDX then used to discredit the rapper’s claim.



Now, the rapper has filed a suit for its use. 



In the suit obtained by the publication, 50 says he was given the rights to the photo, which was taken on June 25 by a man named Christopher Conrad, on June 28, and HipHopDX had no permission to use it. 



The site published the photo on June 27, but further details remain unclear.

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