When He Gets On He Will Leave Yo A$$ For A White Girl

Do I have your attention? Great, I am  glad you took the time read beyond just the title. Many will read the title and stop there because they don’t want to catch the context of the entire blog. Now, lets get into the real discussion that seems to make Black Women angry or bitter. This one is for you!

There has been this notion that ALL black men leave black women for white women once they have made it big. Is it true? Not at all. The reason why I disagree is because there are some black men who actually stay with the black women that has held them down when they had absolutely nothing. These beautiful black women saw potential in their men from the beginning and not just when they started making money. Now that is why these men stick around for the long run.

The problem is that we are constantly being reminded of the men that have left their black women for white women or “others” as most say. We have to stop with this notion that all black men are alike because they aren’t. Thinking this way will cause you to miss out on what is special and possibly your future. It is a complete lie made up by people who want nothing more than for you to feel less worthy of love. Don’t give them the satisfaction.

What we need to understand is that celebrity men are not dating “others” more than they are dating and marrying black women. Clearly this is false and we should stop entertaining the nonsense. Lets stop passing this lie on to our daughters, nieces, and cousins and it is not fair. We have to let them know that are desirable, beautiful, and worthy of true love.

You can’t help who you fall for and some men fall for people outside of their race. While that is not a problem, the problem arises when black men bash black women amid dating outside their race. The problem arises when black men diminish the beauty of a black woman because of his own preferences. Especially when we should be banning together to fight against those who are against us, instead of putting down the ones we are in this together with. With that being said, we all must do better. Black women don’t need to put down black men for loving who they love, because there are a million and one other black men that would love to crown you as his queen. Black men don’t need to put down black women because they love white or mixed raced women, because yo’ mama and grandmama and sisters are black so lets not forget.

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