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Go Head Girl You Can P***y Pop If You Want To

While it is more acceptable for males to be sexually free, women have always conformed to society’s double standard on sex and the expectations of it. Be cute, nice, wholesome, talk a certain way, act a certain way, so you can be considered wife material. Yet, there’s no denying that women are going through or have gone through a “hoe phase.”

But, what exactly is a “hoe phase?” Well, let’s be honest. It’s when you, as a woman, feel less inclined to ration the p***y and simply become more friendly with sharing it. It typically occurs after a bad break up or during a stressful period in your life. This phase can last for any amount of time. Certainly critics will say you are devaluing yourself for men who don’t deserve it, but hey, they’re going to judge anyway.

Regardless of what may lead you to enter the phase, use it as a learning experience. A time to explore, experiment, and learn about yourself, sexually. Going through the hoe phase has left many women more confident; not just sexually, but in all areas of life.

Be confident in your choice. Hold your head high and take life by the balls (literally), as you should. Hell,why not? Every woman has different reasons for being a hoe, whether it be attention, dealing with issues or getting over a breakup. No matter the reason, it has let you make your own choices for your body. So quite frankly F—- what others think and hoe responsibly.

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  1. I went through a ” hoe faze” for two years and i dont regret shit.

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