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Frank Ocean Talks 2018, Moving to New York and Midterm Elections In New GQ Interview: ”I Was Excited About The Idea Of Incentivizing People To Vote”

GQ tuned into Frank Ocean’s interview on Apple’s “Blonded Radio” to check in on how 2018 treated the singer and his possible plans for the New Year.

Vegyn and Emmett Cruddas hosted the program where Ocean opened up about his decision to make his Instagram page public, moving to New York, his political agenda, and even his skincare routine.

Social media’s ability to tell stories was a driving force in the “Channel Orange” artist’s decision to open his profile. Being private about the happenings in his life caused fans to only be able to assume what Ocean had been up to. Rather than having followers wondering and jumping to their own conclusions, keeping them up on his day-to-day is the way he wanted to close the “dissonance.”

Transitioning from L.A. to the Big Apple has also been a welcomed changed. Frank admitted that the pace and energy of the notorious city had set a mindset for him to be more active. Though he was sleeping in his living room at first, being surrounded by things in a place he can call his own is better and more inspiring than living in someone else’s rented space.

The conversation took an interesting look at Ocean’s recent political persuasive strategy of making t-shirts for voters of the midterm elections.

“I was excited about the idea of incentivizing people to vote and to get excited about midterms, because people aren’t usually excited about voting at midterms,” he said. “Getting seven or eight thousand people who might not have otherwise voted to participate like that is a testament to what public figures can do or encourage with their voice. It feels responsible, especially at this time. Maybe also at many times prior, but it feels less like responsibility and more like a great opportunity that I had and still have.”

The great results post-elections makes him look forward to possibly continuing the work.

Of course, there was much anticipation to learn of his envious routine of achieving such consistently flawless skin! He dropped gems he learned from his mom (because momma always knows best) about avoiding letting itchy knit hat materials touch sensitive skin since it can be irritating. Frank also tipped off that he’s a fan of night creams after doing a “gentle face wash.” However, just like the rest of us, he’s waiting on Pharell’s secret of remaining ageless.

Check out the rest of the interview on “GQ” now!

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