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The Growing Trend of The “Sister-Wife” Culture

Sisterwives. We’re starting to hear the term a lot more in pop culture. It’s becoming the new way to define polygamy. While the term may be fresh, polygamy has been in the history of relationships for thousands of years. Today, people like #DerayDavis and Taz and his Angels are all living a polygamist lifestyle, and as far as we know the men and women involved are satisfied.
For those who’d like a definition of a sister-wife, Urban Dictionary says: “In a polyamorous relationship where at least two women are involved each woman is a sister-wife to the other. Sisterwives may or may not have a sexual relationship with each other.” To add to that, the relationships are all consensual and I’d like to think, well-thought-out.
But what’s making more and more women join the sister-wife culture? If a woman is fine with sharing a man with other women, what’s the problem? There seems to be judgment towards the woman for being weak or foolish for choosing that life when in reality this is just what she is attracted to. However, we have to consider the fact that there are some women who are influenced and later change their minds and opt out – but again, it’s their choice.

What I’ve noticed is women have started to vocalize their experiences as side chicks, “weekend” women or simply a woman who’d prefer to be single and sleep with whomever they choose. Then there are the sister wives who are content with sharing a man and being (or not being) sexually active with the other ladies involved. With women shedding light on these experiences, it’s important to remember that there are some things we shouldn’t glamorize such as infidelity. Polygamy and infidelity are completely different because one involves one person taking advantage of the other. But when it comes to people making decisions that best suit them and those involved, there’s no need to get uptight. It’s not your business and if those people are happy-let them be.

But let’s talk, tell me what you think?

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  1. That is the stupidest comment i have ever heard as an intimate partner/spouse it is absolutely my business!!! What a joke, polyamory…..the art of rationalizing ANYTHING no matter how outrageous….lol

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