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Gwen Stefani Named Revlons’ Global Ambassador

A new year with new beginnings! Gwen Stefani can definitely attest to that after being named Revlons’ Global Ambassador.


Gwen has always been fashion forward. Since her No Doubt days, her style was outgoing, edgy, and chic. To complete her looks, the red lips always popped. You cannot compare Gwen’s style to anyone else, which makes her lovable.


Gwen Stefani sat down with WWD and talked about working as a makeup artist in her early twenties. “I was a makeup artist when I was in my early twenties at the mall, they never trained me. I worked behind the counter there for Borghese, which nobody bought because it was expensive, and Ultima II, which I think is actually owned by Revlon.”


The Chief Marketing Officer, Benjamin Karsch, stated that Gwen Stefani is perfect for the Revlon brand since she is known for her bold red lips and her beauty.

“Gwen will clearly appeal to makeup enthusiasts. She’s known far and wide for her red lips, so that’s definitely part of the attractiveness as a brand ambassador for Revlon, but that’s really combined with who she is as a person and also her love story.” -Benjamin Karsch

Gwen Stefani is also looking into a possible Ready-to-Wear collaboration to showcase her sense of style. She wants it to be reasonable so that everyone can rock her looks. Wouldn’t it be cool for a H&M collaboration….Hmmmmm.

“RTW doesn’t reach everyone, whereas when I do things through my brand that are accessories or now with the eyewear, it’s so fun to be able to reach everyone. It feels so good to not exclude people. I definitely am working on a potential rtw collaboration, but it’s a little early to be talking about it.” -Gwen Stefani

Congrats Gwen Stefani on being named Revlons’ Global Ambassador!


Source/ Images via Vogue

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