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Hawaii Could Fall in the Middle of Trump and North Korea’s Aggressive Conflict

As the tension between Trump and North Korea gets thicker, sources report that the chances of Hawaii being pulled into the conflict are likely.

While in New Jersey at a golf course, Trump issued aggressive threats towards North Korea during a press conference Tuesday. Trump promised to rain “fire and fury” on the Asian country if the threats towards the United States and other nations continued.

North Korea responded the same day with their own threat, stating that they are developing plans to attack Guam, home to a significant American base in the Pacific, with their medium and long-range missiles.

The threats from North Korea have become even more horrifying over the last few weeks. The country has launched multiple missiles into the sea, showing that their missile capability is only improving. According to the Washington Post, recent reports also suggest that the country has developed nuclear capability that would allow warheads to be placed in the missiles.

There is much speculation that Hawaii could be a target of attack for North Korea. After two successful rocket launches, the country has proven that their missiles could certainly reach Hawaii and the West Coast of the United States.

Sen. Brian Schatz is asking for Trump to tone down the aggressive language directed at North Korea.

“The President’s statement was unwise in both tone and substance,” he said. “There is no diplomatic or military advantage to using such overheated language.”

While it is unclear whether Hawaii will be targeted by North Korean missiles, it is still the home to the Pacific Command, meaning it would “likely serve as an important staging area for American forces in the Pacific in the event of greater hostilities breaking out.”, reports Honolulu Civil Beat.

According to Cindy McMillan, spokeswoman for Hawaii Gov. David Ige, the situation is being closely monitored by authorities.

As of now, no specific preparations are in place by Hawaii’s National Guard units.

“We’re aware of and monitoring the geopolitical talk but it’s not affecting what we are doing here,” said Lt. Col. Charles J. Anthony, public affairs officer for Hawaii’s Department of Defense.

The Hawaii military forces say the risk of a missile attack is “very low,” however, the state did complete a preparedness campaign last month that provided residents with tips on how to respond if there is a missile attack.

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