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H&M Apologizes For Modeling Black Child In “Coolest Monkey” Top


Over the weekend, H&M was the latest company to be hit with a wave of backlash over their choice of advertising. A photo of a young black model, wearing the company’s “coolest monkey in the jungle” sweatshirt went viral.

The wordage coupled with the skin complexion of the model sent Twitter users into a frenzy, as many believed it was offensive and racist. As a result, the company was forced to remove the ad from its website and issue an apology for its offense.

“This image has now been removed from all H&M channels and we apologize to anyone this may have offended,” a spokesperson for the company said.
According to CNN, the image was featured on the British version of the company’s online store. However, many users noticed that the little black boy was the only model to wear the “coolest monkey” sweatshirt, a white child wore a shirt that said “survival expert,” while another wore a sweatshirt with images of animals from the same line.
“In the year 2018 there’s no way brand/art directors can be this negligent and lack awareness….we have to do better,” designer Alex Medina said on Twitter. He was one of many that expressed his displeasure with the advertising.
What are your thoughts?

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  1. So No one at this company(H&M ) thought about this before it was made lies y’all was thinking nobody was gonna say anything .

  2. The QUESTION for me becomes……

    1. Who are the parents of this child?

    2. Did they know about this?

  3. Fuk y’all u tried it!!!! I will never shop there again in life! And will make damn sure no I have influence over will shop there either… I will use my many social network and goohle to tear your brand to shred you’ve awakened the wrong beast!

    P.S. fuk your apology

  4. Luckily we have the liberals to remind us that this child is NOT the coolest monkey in the jungle.

  5. I believe it was deliberate. There is no way this idea was pitched and no one thought it would offend the black community…really? So it took social media to point out the distaste, the crudity, the disrespect and the overall racism of this ad…really? I was never a staunch customer of H&M but I have purchased a few items from them in the past…and that’s exactly where the extent of my shopping with them will lie…in the past.

  6. Actions speak louder than words! H&M’s Placing a Black child in a shirt that refers to him as being the COOLEST MONKEY IS BEYOND FORGIVENESS!!!
    The advertising department director & EDITOR had to APPROVE IT BEFORE RELEASE! As far as I’m concerned THEY CAN GO FIND THE REAL MONKEY AND WIPE IT’s
    MUST STOP!!!!!

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