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Houston Rapper Z-Ro Arrested For Beating Girlfriend Just Brittany For Nearly Two Hours

Houston rap legend Z-Ro, real name Joseph McVey, has been arrested stemming from a domestic abuse incident that occurred in April.  The news breaks as his girlfriend, rapper Just Brittany, makes her reality TV debut on VH1’s new series, “Signed.”


Over the weekend,  Just Brittany informed authorities that on April 29, she had been assaulted by Z-Ro after the two got into an argument over canceled dinner plans. Court documents say that Joseph McVey allegedly slapped, punched and dragged Brittany for about an hour and a half.  She provided a 21-minute recording of a portion of the assault to police as evidence.


In the video, which Brittany reportedly started recording midway through the assault, McVey, 40, could be heard saying “You’re dead.” Brittany could also be heard saying, “Why did you push me?” and “Get your f*ckin hands from around my neck.” Brittany told investigators that she was in fear of her life during the assault.


Police turned the information over to the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, who in turn, determined there was enough to arrest the rapper and charge him with felony aggravated assault.


McVey is currently being held without bond.

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  1. You have murderers out here that are grin fein getting bonded out and or time served and you mean to tell me this is really going to stick. How is it much evidence because he said you’re dead and if he was indeed choking her dumb ass how was she able to still talk and not be heard gurgling for air. Anything for a quick con come up from the KOTG.

  2. I love me some ZRo, but if this is true, i got to step back my support until he makes this here right! I love just Brittany too , so if she decides totomeka let it go then so will I. He wrong for this!

  3. What’s up with the typos, I didn’t even see a mistake when i pushed to post so……..WTF!

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  5. That hoe just want to be paid think about it if this happened in April why her dumb ass just now reporting this to the police

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