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How To Euro Step The Shady Ex Weaseling Back Into Your Life

So it’s 2017 and the Devil is already busy. Just as you made your resolutions & vowed to move forward in life, in walks your ashy ass ex ready to leave you in shambles once again. You can’t lie though, you still have a lot of love for them. Getting over someone can be really hard, but don’t fret, I’m going to help you move past the ash in five easy steps.


1)  Do Not Answer: When your ex comes-a-calling, do not answer. Any premature form of communication will have you confused and rethinking all of your decisions. Listen, there’s a reason you guys broke up in the first place. You may be reconsidering those reasons, but trust that you are doing what’s right for you. So if you’re an iPhone user, put your ex on the Blocked caller list for a little while. If you follow each other on social media, do yourself a favor and unfollow. Forget his address, you don’t need to stop by his house for anything. Limit the communication until you are fully healed and can make sound decisions.


2) Trust The Process: As I said before, it’s important to trust that you made the right decision. It’s important to also trust the entire break-up process. Trust that the tears are temporary, trust that the anger is temporary, trust that you will make it through this trying time just as you’ve made it through any other time in life.


3) Remember Your Ex Is Garbage: This may not be the ideal thing to do, but it helps. Anytime your ex tries to weasel their self back into your life, remember what made you leave in the first place — they’re trash. They’re garbage. They’re a lying, cheating, sack of waste. If you remind yourself of this enough, the mere thought of your ex will repulse you. Works every time.


4) Give It Time: Give yourself time and space to heal. This is more important than anything.  Don’t rush into another relationship in hopes of forgetting your ex. In fact, it’s important that you DON’T forget them at all. Remember the BS you were put through keeps you from making the same mistakes twice. It reminds you of what you will or will not stand for in a relationship. The ‘Me’ time is important, however long it may take. Sometimes you just need a few days, others may need a few years. Take however long you need to completely realign your energy.


5) Forward Moving Progression: After a break up it’s important to evaluate what went wrong. Don’t always assume it was your fault. Don’t always assume it was anyone’s fault. Just remember it’s important to always keep your eyes focused in front of you and not look back. That means, no checking his social media to see who’s liking his pics, no subtweets that you hope he’ll see, no lowkey stalking their every move while trying to convince yourself you’re not. Take steps forward, without them, and if destiny sees it fit that you two are together, you will be — in the future*.


*  the distant future.

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