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“Insecure” Star DomiNque Perry Dispels Rumors About Her Trying To Shoot Her Shot At Her Co-star: “That Was A JOKE”

As we prepare our bodies for the return of “Insecure,” an actress from the show is clearing up rumors about her trying to shoot her shot with her costar.

In a recent interview with TheShadeFiles, DomiNque Perry, who plays the bank teller that scooped up Issa Rae’s boyfriend after she cheated on him, recently sat down with the publication to discuss her off-screen relationship with her on-screen boo, Jay Ellis.

“A lot of my time was really spent with Jay,” Perry said of her costar. “I didn’t really have a lot of time with Yvonne or a lot of the other characters because their storyline is way different from mine. I do have one story – it was like my second day of filming and I always thought Jay Ellis was so fine,” she said.

“One day I said, ‘You know what? I’m going to shoot my shot.’ I don’t think he knows this but I was really trying to shoot my shot on set. It was like my second day and I was still the new kid on the block. I have this thing I do where I do these google eyes. I have big eyes so they work for me. And I was giving him these googly eyes and he’s tall and I’m only 5’1” so I was like, ‘Oh, this is really going to work! We’re going to hit it off. We’ll just get married and live happily ever after,” she continued.

“I’m just kidding,” she said, as she laughed. “But I was like, it’s going to work. I remember just staring at him and giving him the googly eyes and he kind of looked at me and was like, ‘Why are you looking like that? Are you ok?’ When he said that, I picked up my face off of the floor. I’m never shooting my shot with Jay Ellis Ever again.”

“‘You are my brother, I get it. This is a work thing. I get it Jay!’” she added. “But I’m just glad that that didn’t happen around anybody else but me and him, I would have been embarrassing. I definitely tried. I got shot down but it’s okay.”

After the release of the interview though, Perry was concerned about the headline that was linked to the story, as many platforms pulled that one portion from a “whole great interview.”

“Come onnnnn really?!!” She wrote in response to Madame Noire’s story run. “Lol like seriously! Whole great interview and they pull something that was a JOKE. To make me look bad.”

In Perry’s defense though, Jay Ellis is fine. So, does it really make Perry look bad? Would you shoot your shot with Jay Ellis?

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