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Instagram Feud Between Aspiring Rappers Lead To The Death Of A 9-Year-Old Girl

A sweet and innocent 9-year-old girl is dead after an Instagram feud between two rappers ended with a shooting at an East Dallas apartment complex on Wednesday.

Brandoniya Bennett was at home preparing for school the next day when she was struck in the head by a bullet while sitting on her couch.

Police believe that the bullet came from a gun fired by an aspiring rapper who was feuding with another rapper on Instagram.

According to police, Simmons traveled to Roseland Townhomes to confront the rival rapper after the two had used the social media platform to disparage one another.

When the rival rapper refused to leave their home after being challenged by Simmons, the suspect allegedly went around to the back of the housing complex and opened fire but on the wrong unit, killing the young girl, CBS 11 reports.

Authorities said Simmons considered himself a rapper and was upset about another rapper, 17-year-old Benny Fountain, who insulted him in his lyrics. According to police, 19-year-old Simmons attempted to confront the rapper and retaliated by firing shots into what he thought was Fountain’s apartment.

On Thursday, Simmons turned himself into authorities and was charged with capital murder in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Online jail records show that he is being held in the Dallas County Jail and will remain in there with a bond set at $500,000.

Dallas County Jail/ Bennett Family

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