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Instagram Model Calls Out Future For Leaving Her Stranded In California After She Refused To Have Sex With Him; Says He Never Reimbursed Her For Her Flight

On Sunday, a woman called out rapper Future for leaving her stranded in California after encouraging her to travel across the country under false pretenses.

In a series of Facebook Posts, Instagram model, Shamartess Monique Whisett explained that she first met Future in Miami. At the time, she said Future was nice, cool and never even tried to have sex with her. But, just three months later, she said the rapper hit her up to reconnect and that’s when things reportedly took a turn for the worse for Whisett.

“Like 3 days ago he told me he wanted to see me so I told him to book my flight,” she wrote. “He told me to book it and he will give me my money back which was a 1000% of what I paid for my flight … I paid 550 for my flight so when I got here he suppose to been giving me 5500.” 

“He already booked my room and he had a key left for me at the front desk…,” she continued.” So I get settled in and text him…he called me on FaceTime telling me I suppose to be waiting on him in the room with lingerie.,. for one lingerie wasn’t on my mind when I was packing…I was thinking more of the studio my nigga.” 

As she continued, she said she told Future that is not what she came for, especially since they hadn’t spoken much since they met. 

“So Sunday I get here… I left to get something to eat and came back …my key stopped working so I’m thinking I just put the key close to my phone and that’s why it stopped working…I get to the front desk and they was telling me it wasn’t working bc I was suppose to check out today… I asked them how long the room was booked and they said it was only booked for Saturday which means he had plans to have sex with me and put me out anyway and not give me the 5500. ..i’m so happy I didn’t have sex with him bc He would’ve f*cked me and still put me out.” 

She then went on to drop some screenshots and defend her decision.

Would you have flown across the country for Future?

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  1. Girl really played her self. She took a L. If he get paid to just show his face somewhere you really think he was going to just chill with you and get nothing out of it?? She must not be used to street niggas. Lesson learn.you not getting your money back.

  2. Good for you b!tch!!!. You tried it. He’s a rapper, they out here f#cking. Applause Future you really treating these h0es like h0es. I hope he f#ck yo’ mama to teach you a lesson.

  3. Girl you doing all that quacking for what you set your own self up like a fool first of all if he really wanted to see you he would have paid for your flight he’s Future a millionaire rapper first wrong move then you should have gotten all the details about the trip your misson and reason for going thats what I would have done etc. Him and his homies was gonna hang rape you and flim for the vien you dumb hoe! Do you really think he was gonna waste his time with you he can have any women he wants he soft as hell you took a BIG L!!!!!

  4. You thought that your “talking” with Future for a few months elevated your relationship over and above “pimp and ho?” Is that why you asked Future to “chill” first? Then why did you accept his 1000% reimbursement rate — and why haven’t you given a REASON to believe that you were invited there for studio or modeling work?
    The first commandment of the Thot Code: you TAKE orders from people who are (over)paying you for sex — you don’t GIVE them! It’s your fauLt aLL the way — and I hope I don’t have to expLain aLL these capitaL Ls

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