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Inviting A Third Party In The Bedroom Can Be Risky

When you are comfortable in a relationship, you become open to trying new things in the bedroom with your partner. Whether it’s trying new positions, adding toys, or different locations to spice things up, your aim is to create new experiences that are sexually gratifying for both you and your partner.


Now, trying new things can be a lot of fun but one experience that’s very risky in a relationship is adding another partner into the bedroom. There are a lot of men and women who enjoy bringing others into their bedroom for excitement or to please their mate.


Adding a third party can bring issues within your relationship. Who’s to say your partner won’t enjoy the third party more than you? Better yet, it’s possible you may want more action from the third party on a separate occasion. What happens if a baby comes from this threesome?


When you invite others in the bedroom, you are opening the door to heartache. It may be all fun and games in the beginning but those feelings will change. Sex is an intimate connection for you and your partner only. No extras!


If you enjoy having threesomes, by all means do you. But don’t get upset or bitter when your mate chooses the guest over you. After having several sessions, I’m sure feelings have evolved and could become a love triangle.


What you don’t want to do is introduce and/or continue with threesomes in your relationship to make your mate happy. If this isn’t your thing, don’t compromise your thoughts or feelings to scratch his/her itch.


Remember to be safe and be wise!

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