Is The Dream Expecting Another Baby?

Is The Dream Expecting Another Baby?

Rumor has it that singer/songwriter The Dream is expecting not one but TWO babies.


According to our friends over at Bossip:


Word on the curb is that The-Dream is set to be a Daddy — and a husband — again very soon.


A tipster told BOSSIP exclusively that The-Dream’s current boo thang, Lydia “Seung” Nam is currently pregnant with a set of twins, who she refers to as the “Nash Army.” The photo above is reportedly from her baby shower We also hear that Terius has been working very hard to keep Lydia’s gut-full status under wraps because C-Milli has been looking for more child support, unfortunately his latest baby mama has been keeping a private Instagram account behind his back. But the baby isn’t the only secret he’s been keeping.


“He put a ringer on Lydia’s finger as soon as he found out she was pregnant,” an inside source tells BOSSIP.




Do we remember “Seung”?  She and The Dream have been rumored to be dating for at least a year. It was also rumored that she was an escort in Toronto and was arrested for child endangerment in the past. This hasn’t been verified but you can read up on that HERE. It was said that the two got engaged back in 2012 but I guess the pregnancy solidifies the whole thing. Do you Seung girl, do you! 

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