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Issa Rae Defends Recent ‘Insecure’ Episode During NYFW

Actress and creator Issa Rae took a hit recently when a recent episode of the HBO show ‘Insecure’ suggested that white women are more interested in oral sex than black women.


“We were referencing something in the past that had been said and thought,” Rae, the series creator, told The Post at Kate Spade’s NYFW presentation on Friday.


“People called blowjobs ‘Beckys,’ and that’s a white girl name. I think people are way more sexually free and liberal currently,” she explained.


“But I will say that in conversations that I’ve had, a lot of my black female friends will have sex with a guy before they give him head. And a lot of my white female friends would be like, ‘No, I’d rather give head than have sex.’ That was the conversation that we were kind of having in the room.”


The series has caught other slack this season for other sex related topics such as the lack of condoms present in sex scenes.


Either way, the show has already been renewed for a third season. The series finale of season 2 airs Sunday.


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