Italian Beauty Brand Wycon Cosmetics Names Gel Polish “Thick As A “N*gga”

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The long line of indirect racial shaming brought to life these days is starting to grow quite fickle.

Famous Italian Cosmetic Line, Wycon Cosmetics released a new line of Gel polishes with highly eccentric and one could even say vulgar product names.
A famous beauty blogger pointed out that they had named the black shade of this New Gel Polish, “Thick As A N*gga”. She brought the coarse language the brand used in its marketing to light a couple of days ago.
When she took to Instagram to express this with her fans, of course, the company received backlash.

Yet, the company responded with a very cynically simple statement :
“They’re made up names that are a bit crazy”
Their downplay of the situation at hand sent race advocates into a frenzy!
Wycon realized their mistake and that if they wanted the public off of their case they had to deliver a true statement of apathy and concern.
They later stated…
“We’re sorry that this post has triggered these types of reactions: every color from our Gel On collection is inspired,… by famous song titles, many of which derive from the landscape of hip-hop…For example “Drop it like it’s hot” by Snoop Dogg, “Bootilicious” by Beyoncé, “Candy Shop” by 50 Cent, etc … The reference here is “Thick Nigga” by DBangz. Wycon is the brand for everybody… and we didn’t mean to offend anybody!”
Soooo, I don’t know whether to feel insulted because they thought that getting a bunch of urban song titles would help them sell better or feel insulted because they think that it was cool to name the black nail polish “niggas” are “thick”?
After they apologized they changed the name of the polish to “Black Power” on their site. What a way to try to cover your ass there.

They saw what happened to H&M.

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