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Jameis Winston Rape Accuser Speaks

Prior to being drafted to the NFL, Jameis Winston, a top prospect, was plagued by rape allegations. Everyone has spoken, or had an opinion, on the subject but finally the woman behind the allegations steps forward. 

Erica Kinsman was featured in a film about campus assault titled “The Hunting Ground,” which aired on CNN this week. In the film, Erica recounts the incident that occurred in December 2012. She says that she and friends were at a local bar, Potbelly’s, when a strange guy kept following them around. Seeing that she was noticeably uncomfortable, Jameis, who was sitting at the bar at the time, stepped in and told the strange man he was Erica’s boyfriend. The man backed off. Relieved, Erica agreed to take a shot with Jameis. She said that for a brief moment she turned around to make sure the strange man was no longer around, and when she turned back around, Jameis handed her a shot. Erica says that she was fairly certain something was in the shot. She says that she had been drunk before and on the night in question, she hadn’t drank nearly enough to be as drunk and incompetent as she was that night. 

Erica recalls getting into a cab and there being 3 guys inside. She recalls being in an apartment and being sexually assaulted. She recalls crying for the man to stop until his roommate came in and intervened. She was then carried to the bathroom, laid on the bathroom floor and he continued to rape her in there because that door locked and the room door didn’t. When he finished, he put her clothes back on and offered to take her home. Not knowing where she was, Erica says she accepted the ride home. The film goes on to talk about Erica calling the police and being taken to the hospital. They say that law enforcement neglected to use security footage to identify Jameis and his accomplices. They could have even identified the cab driver, but neglected to do so. 

Erica does not say Jameis name in the film, obviously, but by now everyone knows who she is referring to. Jameis allegedly fought to not have this film come out and I can see why. It looks really really bad. 

You can watch it by clicking HERE

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