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Jamie Foxx Attacked By Man At Hollywood Restaurant

Jamie Foxx was out with friends at Catch restaurant in West Hollywood on Saturday when things turned physical. Foxx and pals were sitting on the patio when a man approached them complaining that the party was too nosy. At some point the man is heard saying, “You don’t want to mess with me. I’m from New York” and that’s when a comedian friend who was sitting at Jamie’s table says, “F*ck you, I’m from Oakland.”


The unruly guest then lunged at Foxx, pulling him down onto a table. Foxx was able to get the stranger down by turning him around and putting him in a choke hold.


The random guy and his group were kicked out of the restaurant.


The actor did not seem to be hurt. He’s been on social media plugging his new move, Sleepless, not stop. Can’t keep a real one down!

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