Jerome Mathis is a professional football player and I’m sure some ladies would sell their souls to get a chance to lick his sweat … but I’m also pretty convinced this is not the way for the Texans receiver/kickoff returner to score in the love department: Mathis has been charged with assault for allegedly choking his pregnant girlfriend. Yep … that’s not sexy:

“She reported that [Mathis] came home verbally aggressive toward her and left the residence, then came back a few minutes later demanding his car [cell phone] charger,” [Patrol Capt. Richard] Foreman said. “He became angry while he looked for the charger, and when she gave it to him, he pushed her down on the bed and began choking her while putting all of his body weight on her.”

Um, can you say anger management? Seriously, I think you can pick chargers up at Best Buy for $19.95. They even make ’em for your car these days. Amazing. Plus with a substantial NFL paycheck, I’m sure that would fit in the “affordable-I-can-simply-buy-a-new-charger-instead-of-beat-my-future-baby-mama” category.(Just a heads up for the next time you’re on the verge of cell phone rage.)But I digress.This isn’t the Texan’s first run-in with the law. Before last season, he stated that he was maturing, but after a citation in December for letting his pit bull loose in his neighborhood, which occurred again in January, plus this recent choking incident … I’ll blindly bet he failed that maturity initiative.Call it a hunch.jerome-mathis-180.jpgI love the way they reported this story.I think the cellphone was an excuse to beat her ass. I guess he said it’s cheaper to kill her. Ladies be careful. If you are the girlfriend/jumpoff stay away until the baby is born and you get a blood test.

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