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Jerry Jones Thinks It’s “Laughable and Ridiculous” For Owners To Believe They Could Force Him To Forfeit The Dallas Cowboys

Earlier this week reports surfaced of NFL owners’ plan to force Jerry Jones to forfeit the Dallas Cowboys amid Jones’ attack on Roger Goodell’s contract extension as commissioner.

The Dallas Cowboys’ owner has grown increasingly frustrated with Goodell’s mishandling of several issues within the league, many of which concerning the Dallas Cowboys, this year alone. Jones has been vocal about Goodell’s punishment of the Cowboys’ star running back, Ezekiel Elliott, as well as the commissioner’s failure to control the national anthem situation.

As a result, Jones has led the league’s owners in an attempt to halt Goodell’s contract extension. However, after the league’s blowback from Papa John’s CEO, where he blamed the league for the restaurant chain’s decline in sales, the owners have grown  skeptical of Jones’ intentions. According to reports, many believed Jones instigated the criticism from the chain owner, which is reportedly grounds for a forced forfeiture.


Despite it all, Jones is not phased by the discussion. In fact, he thinks such an attempt is “laughable and ridiculous.”

“I’ve had not one inkling of communication with the league office or any owner that would suggest something that laughable and ridiculous,” Jones said on Tuesday.

Jones’ statement comes after reports surfaced of his threats of litigation if Goodell’s contract is extended. Since then, the NFL’s compensation committee has issued a cease-and-desist warning to Jones regarding the threat.

In any case, the fight between the NFL and Jerry Jones may very well be one of the most “high-stakes, ugly and public fights the league has ever seen,” Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report reports.

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