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Jim Carrey Says He Has Proof Cathriona White Forged Medical Records to Extort Him Over STD Claims

As the legal battle between Jim Carrey and the family of his late ex-girlfriend continues, the actor has filed new documents claiming Cathriona White was part of an elaborate extortion scheme to get money out of him.

In new court docs obtained by the publication, Carrey says White had herpes before the two met. But, in an attempt to collect a payment, White forged medical records to say she was clean before they got intimate. But, after the two had sex, White presented medical records that reportedly showed the before and after their intimate moments – with and without genital herpes.

The actor says he even has proof that the records were forged. In the docs, Carrey says he has text messages from White to her friend, asking her to go to Planned Parenthood to get her records, so that she could see the layout. “I will need to work on it before I give it to him,” the messages read, according to the suit.

Carrey’s new claims come on the heels of the suit filed by White’s husband and mother, who claims White killed herself because of the STD. He is now demanding that the other party produce White’s medical records or admit that she had several STDs before the two even met.

A lawyer for White’s estate has already refuted the claims.

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  1. Everybody got herpes now, b!tch you know the game.

  2. How can he be blamed for her doing that and herpes is NOT life threatening!?! And I call BS; she was already married. Test him, if her husband has the herpes than Jim is in the clear. So she so ashamed to have herpes she killed herself but she is not ashamed of being an adulter? What in tar nations??? Well what do you think comes from cheating? Happily ever after??? LMAO
    On a positive note: well at least she didn’t have a kid and mess up no one else’s life. Wish more cheaters story ended like this. #ZEROF’sNation!
    F giving her estranged husband any money!!! Dude wasn’t worried about getting her back when she was alive so why so worried when she dead? Man up and stop trying to dig in another man’s pockets. Cause you didn’t care when he was digging in yo wife!!!

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