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Jojo Brings The Nostalgia With New, Remastered Versions Of Her Albums “Jojo” And “The High Road”

Talk about a pleasant surprise! R&B singer #Jojo, who is famous for her 2004 hit single “Leave (Get Out), has re-emerged and given us 30-somethings a great Christmas gift…remastered versions of both her “Jojo” and “The High Road” albums!

After the singer won a legal battle against her former label #Blackground and subsequently signed with #Atlantic, Blackground quietly took all of her music off the internet. In fact, both her debut and sophomore albums, plus singles ‘Demonstrate’ and ‘Disaster’ released with the label, have not been available online to stream for some time. 

Last year, the singer explained why her music isn’t available for streaming, stating, “My former label removed my music, I, unfortunately, have absolutely no control over what they do or don’t do. I want to let bygones be bygones. I pray one day they put my music back up.”

But, instead of waiting on the label, the singer decided to remaster and release both of her albums to make them available on all streaming sites. The re-releases feature seemingly stripped production of the original tracks with new interpolations. Totally remastered!

Ladies, how many of you remember having this CD in your portable CD player at the school football games? When your bf acted up, you blasted “Get Out” like a siren! And remember the remix and video for “Baby It’s You” with #BowWow? 

Congratulations to Jojo! Let’s hope for new music soon!

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