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Josh Gordon Officially Out of Rehab, Remains Suspended

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Good news NFL fans, it seems like Cleveland Browns’ wide receiver, Josh Gordon, has officially completed his 30-day rehab stint.

Since 2013, the NFL baller has had limited play time because of his alcohol abuse issues. However, Gordon has taken a step in the right direction with the completion of his month-long stay at an in-patient rehab center. According to sources, Gordon seems to be doing “a lot better.”

Although, Gordon is still on the Brown’s payroll, the head coach has stated he’s ready to cut ties with him. However, the team can’t make any moves until Gordon is reinstated.

It seems like NFL commissioner Roger Goodell holds the baller’s football fate in his hands. According to ESPN, Gordon is waiting for a decision, regarding his return to Cleveland and his reinstatement for the rest of the season. The league’s plans, regarding Gordon are unclear, at this time. In the meantime, the baller remains suspended indefinitely.



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