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Kardashians Say Blac Chyna Is Not Invited to the Christmas Eve Party; Rob’s Apology Was Fake & Chyna Beat Him

It seems all is still not well with Blac Chyna and Rob Kardashian according to a “source”, despite Rob seemingly sending a heartfelt apology to Chyna via social media.


“Sources” tell E! News that the Kardashian sisters are not buying Rob’s apology to Blac Chyna, saying that it was all faked to appease her. Even worse, they have banned Chyna from their annual Christmas Eve party!


Earlier this week Blac Chyna accused Rob of being the one who hacked her Instagram and posted text messages in which her friend Treasure jokingly tells her to “beat” Rob for jealously assuming she’s cheating.  Now, according to a perfectly timed Kardashian source, before Chyna packed her kids and moved out, she and Rob got into a physical altercation.


“She was punching him in his back and arms and was in a drunken rage,” the source told E!. Kris Jenner’s boyfriend Corey Gamble walked in on their fight “and ripped Chyna off of Rob,” they added.


After finding out about the news on social media, the source says Rob’s sisters rushed to be with him, however when they got there he was fine.


On Monday, after the mess spilled from Instagram onto Snapchat, Rob deleted all of the messages and issued an apology to his fiancée and daughter Dream, vowing to be a better man to them. His sisters, however, are not convinced. They believe he only apologized so that he could smooth things over with Chyna and they are fed up.


“The sisters don’t want anything to do with this relationship,” the source says. ” They see how fake it is. It’s so unhealthy for their brother. They see how Chyna is using their family for fame and money and they aren’t going to let it happen anymore. The family accepted her but since Chyna is now showing who she really is, they don’t want anything to do with her. They have real-life problems going on and are trying to have a positive New Year and not this drama.”


The Kardashian sisters are putting their foot down and this means no Chyna at their Christmas Eve party! That really sucks.


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