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Keep Your Eye On The Friend That Can’t Keep Friends

How many of us know someone who can’t keep friends and are in total denial about it? Somehow, people who were friends with them at one point are no longer cool with them. If you let them tell it, this is God’s way of removing toxic people out of their lives. In reality, they just don’t know how to be a good person so no one wants to be around them.



We all know someone who is constantly screaming, “No New Friends” but in reality has no old friends either. They could probably use a new friend or two because their life seems pretty lonely. You always see them out doing things solo and the only time they are talking to someone is on social media. In person, they are socially awkward and their attitude is sh**. The worst part of it all is that whenever they DO have someone who has tried to be their friend, they ruin it by talking bad about them, abusing their trust or gossiping. It’s like they purposely sabotage all chances they have of good friendships.



As people walk in and out of their lives like a revolving door, this individual is completely clueless as to why no one wants to be around them. In their minds, this is just the way life is. People come and people go. They don’t realize they don’t have to be the way they are. Changes can be made to their behavior that will allow them to be a tad more likable, but they have to realize their shady ways and want to change. No, this isn’t some “personal growth” period that is making you disassociate with people, people are disassociating themselves from YOU! You can call it an epiphany or give God all of the credit but in reality, the real reason you can’t keep friends is because of YOU.



Human beings require companionship in all forms, whether it be loving relationships or friendships. No one truly wants to be friendless in life, regardless of what they say. While I do believe that our personal growth does remove a few bad apples from our bunch, you have to reevaluate yourself when it removes EVERYONE. 

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  1. Or u just dont wanna be bothered with fakery, drama, ect. + people aint loyal

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