Keep It Classy: Adrian Broner Suspended For Racial Comments

Adrian has had to learn the hard way that you can’t say whatever you want, even if you win.  Not only has Broner has been suspended by the World Boxing Council, they are demanding an apology. In case you forgot, in his post fight interview after beating Molina Broner said “I’ve beaten AfriCANS and I just beat the fuck out of a MexiCAN.” The Mexican community was not here for it. After suspending him, the WBC is issuing an open letter to Broner asking him to either clarify what he meant with his words or to issue a public apology if those words were intended to be despective and offensive. Until then he has been suspended from participating in any WBC sanctioned championships and will be excluded from the WBC Ratings. 

At least they’re giving him an opportunity to clarify what he meant rather than immediately pegging it as racist. Still has to keep it classy though. I say he apologizes and gets back to work. Broner definitely has to learn to humble himself, though.

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