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Keke Wyatt Has Remarried One Year After Her Ex Asked For Divorce While She Was 8 Months Pregnant

Just one year after Keke Wyatt took to Instagram to unload all her problems, including the fact that her husband asked for a divorce while she was eight months pregnant and dealing with a cancer-stricken child, the R&B singer has officially bounced back. 

Since then, Wyatt has remarried and her child – who had been battling the near-fatal disease – is now cancer free. The singer-turned-reality star recently sat down with TMZ to open up about her new life and husband, revealing that the two tied the knot last month in Indianapolis. 

“Life at this point, the fact that I’m laughing and smiling is a beautiful thing because I went through a really rough patch for about a year, y’all know about that little video – that video of me looking like a desperate dumb heifer,” she said. 

“But now, a year later, my baby is cancer-free,” she added before she revealed how she linked up with her new husband, Zachariah Darring. 

“This man will never tell me, ‘I’m tired of dealing with you pregnant,’ ‘I’m tired of dealing with you and this baby with cancer,’ ’I can’t deal with you, your mouth no more,’ Like I’m not supposed to have emotional problems nor my baby is on his deathbed. A fourteen-year-old child, laying in the bed, dying, that I gave birth to and I’m an emotional toxic wreck?” She said. 

”No nigga, you are toxic. You are an emotional wreck. How dare you. And I’m eight months pregnant with yo’ baby that I didn’t ask for that you wanted to give cause you was horny. Nigga, bye.”

Wyatt then went on to shade her ex’s new girl, calling her a “critter,” a “bat” and a “hoe.”

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