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Kesha Accused Dr. Luke of Raping Katy Perry In Text Message To Lady Gaga

As the legal battle continues between Dr. Luke and Kesha over claims of defamation, there’s been a new development in the case, regarding a third party: Superstar singer, Katy Perry. 

Back in 2014, Kesha filed a suit against Luke for sexual assault and battery, sexual harassment, gender violence, emotional abuse and more, throughout their 10-year work relationship. In the suit, she claimed Luke repeatedly drugged her and had sexual contact with her, all without her consent or permission. However, Luke fired back with a lawsuit of his own, claiming the singer defamed him by making false claims to break her contract. 

Now after years of back and forth, dismissals and appeals, Luke is eager to defend himself and hold Kesha accountable for his lost wages. In court documents obtained by The Blast, as part of Luke’s argument to prove he lost more than $10 million over Kesha’s sexual assault allegations, Luke denounced her claims, highlighting three main issues of contention.

First, he denied all allegations linked to Kesha, including the claims that he drugged and raped her. Then, he denied the allegations of sexual assault of Katy Perry, which were apparently revealed in a text message sent from Kesha to Lady Gaga. 

“On February 26, 2016, [Kesha] sent a text message to Stefani Germanotta p/k/a Lady Gaga which repeated [Kesha’s] false claim that [Luke] had raped her,” the documents read. “[Kesha] also falsely asserted that [Luke] had also raped Kathryn Hudson p/k/a Katy Perry,” and, “Following this text message conversation, and with [Kesha’s] encouragement, [Lady Gaga spread negative messages about [Luke] in the press and on social media.” 

Although the messages were previously brought up in discovery, the details were not previously revealed. Perry was deposed as part of the trial  and reportedly denied the claims, according to The Guardian. 

“Katy Petty herself confirmed that Dr. Luka did not rape her,” the producer’s legal team said. “Kesha’s accusation to the contrary – just like her other outrageous lies about Dr. Luke – is baseless and irresponsible, and it is disrespectful to both Katy Perry and Dr. Luke. In his defamation lawsuit against Kesha, Dr. Luke seeks damages for the harm caused by these malicious falsehoods.”

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