Kevin Hart Teams Up With Director Tim Story for Lionsgate’s Monopoly Movie

Kevin Hart is getting ready to pass GO on the big screen in a movie version of the popular board game, Monopoly.

Variety is reporting that the ”Jumanji” star is set to headline a live-action feature film version of the classic game, which is set to be directed by Tim Story, who worked with Hart on ‘Ride Along.’

Hollywood has been trying to bring the board game to the big screen for at least ten years, with various versions of the idea in development at Universal Pictures and famed director, Ridley Scott, previously attached as one of the producers.

But with the previous attempts falling apart in that time, the Lionsgate version is a definite go. The storyline is rumored to center around a woman and her young son who use a time-traveling house to rewrite their own family history and stop a corrupt and greedy businessman in the process.

Hart is producing this new version through his HartBeat Productions company, along with John Cheng. While director Tim Story and Sharla Sumpter Bridgett will produce under his Story Company banner.

Toy-giant Hasbro will also co-produce the film, so you can expect to see a new version of the classic game to be released just in time for the movie.

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