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Kim Kardashian Sued For $100 Million Over ’Kimoji’ App

Kim Kardashian West is being sued by a game developer for breach of contract and fraud over her popular “Kimoji” app. 

David Liebensohn claims he and his business partners created an app called CensorOut that caught the attention of Mrs. West. 

That app helped get him a meeting with Kim, and from there, the two eventually agreed to team up on the “Kimojis” app, which is the animated emojis and GIFs of the Kardashian klan.

According to court documents obtained by TMZ, Liebensohn claims Kim agreed to cut him and his partners in for 60 percent in early 2014. He claims Kim insisted she would file the trademark paperwork for “Kimoji” to cover the cost and make things simpler in the process but maintained they were in it together.

At some point, however, right before the trademark was filed, Kim abruptly pulled out of their deal in August 2014, claiming one of his partners leaked some of her personal info. 

Liebensohn even claims Kim used her team of lawyers to attempt to intimidate him into backing away from his lawsuit, but with the nine-figure settlement amount he’s looking to recoup from her, those attempts didn’t work. 

The success of the popular “Kimoji” app brought in astronomical profits for KKW. The app was downloaded 9,000 times a second on the day it was released, which works out to $1,000,000 a minute- that was just the first day of sales and the first version of the popular app. 

Now, Liebensohn is suing Kim for at least $100 mil for breach of contract, fraud and for the profits, he believes he’s lost by being left out of the Kimoji biz.

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