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Exclusive: Kirk Frost’s Secret Baby Mama To Join Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

Kirk Frost is adding to his storyline and not in a good way. Sources tell Baller Alert that the music mogul has allegedly fathered a child outside of his marriage and we’ll be watching the drama unfold on an upcoming season of Love & Hip Hop.


Last year Kirk was rumored to have impregnated a woman by the name of Jasmine.  According to Jasmine’s pimp, Jasmine has been seeing Kirk behind Rasheeda’s back for over a year.  Jasmine has since had their son, who is around 6 months old.


The plot continues to thicken, however. According to Bossip, Jasmine is suing Kirk for ditching her after she had their baby.


According to Jasmine, while she and Kirk were together, he encouraged her not to continue working as a stripper. In return he gave her a monthly allowance and car. When Jasmine broke things off last Halloween, things went sour. Kirk allegedly stopped supporting her and their child. Jasmine is now requesting that Kirk takes a paternity test to prove the baby is his, and pay $2,500 in child support.


Rasheeda is aware of the love child now, but not before Jasmine had already began filming scenes for Love & Hip Hop Atlanta. According to sources, Jasmine had begun filming scenes around Atlanta prior to Rasheeda finding out about the baby, and prior to Kirk finding out she was on the show. In fact, once word got back to Rasheeda that Kirk’s side chick was on the show, Rasheeda refused to continue filming. It was only after a long talk with production that Rasheeda returned. Reportedly, all of this drama will appear on Love & Hip Hop Atlanta’s upcoming season. Are you ready to see this tea on your TV screen?


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  1. I would like to I would like to know when will Atlanta Hip Hop be back on I have been waiting for seven and a half months please y’all please let my show come back on how was my night time soap opera I got to watch it on my days off from work even if I missed the show on Monday I still had a chance to watch it on Wednesday please somebody say something about Atlanta Hip Hop I don’t like all of these other ones this coming out I want to see Atlanta Hip

    • You need to divorce kirk and that is it no fighting get rid of him!

      • She want her mom try filming him in a hot tub with women that didn’t do it sexing in TV with other women that didn’t do it .. She’s stuck because he’s all she knows.. Her woman self-esteem is low when it comes to this Man (Husband) sad smdh sad

    • I’m with you on that one
      I really dnt like Hollywood its just going left

  2. Rasheeda is a beau th I fully girl and doesn’t have to put up with that shit. Her baby isn’t but about 2. Don’t the fool have a couple more kids? Smh men!!!!

  3. Goodie for Radsheeda I don’t like her. She keep up to much shit. And she’s always talking about somebody

    • How did she keep up too much shit you barely heard anything from her she was boring which is a good boring but can’t seem to stay in his lane. Time to go kirk!!!

  4. Rasheed, your a great person and you deserve the best hands down, but you need to get a back bone and say enough is enough and move on, just bcause years from now you will look back and be mad at yourself for staying with a cheater, life is way happier being single and knowing you can rest your mind and soul knowing you no longer have a man thats no loving just you.Once a cheater always a cheater a man will do to you what you allow.

  5. Rasheeda saw that coming I mean c’mon. She’s a beautiful woman who lacks self worth, common sense, and is very ditzy. I’m starting to wonder if she lived a sheltered life because the crap she puts up with from “The Adam’s Apple” is abnormal. She is supposedly a “hood chic,” where’s her common sense?

  6. Shantasia Johnson

    A lot of people and families go through this. Rasheed if you read his jus know there is a GOD. No matter if you stay or if you go. Do what makes you happy. Nobody knows but you if you can sleep at night when that man is away from you nobody knows if your in love with a man that has a problem. He might just need a women like you on his side be I know you gone be mad but let GOD help you in your decision. FOR everyoneelse please clean your own closet and under your bed because is your man perfect and are you. Team Rasheeda

  7. I see kirk as a big bombocloth ass hole for all the shit he did and still doing to his wife got a beautiful wife what the Fuck more u want

  8. Did I just read according to Jasmine’s pimp? Tf. Rasheeda needs to leave him now. This is the same dude that told her to abort Carter. I don’t think she knows she could do so much better than him. I know there’s a shortage of straight men in Atlanta, but damn! Let him, and his five earrings, go.

  9. I’m going to be quite blunt about it…
    Rasheeda is beautiful & can make it on her own without Kirks nasty ass!!! There’s a dude out there that’ll be more than happy to scoop Rasheeda up!!! Sad thing is… Rasheeds’s putting up with it, so Kirk’s going to do anything he wants to. She keeps letting him get away with shit & she keeps him around!!! Kirk has ruined her self esteem!!! Sad, but true!!! And now Rasheeda is going to film with him & his side piece?!? Shit… I wish I would!!!

  10. Why do some women stay in all this drama for the sake of validation. Just like she got him she can go get at Lil scrappy&live her life. I sure would, holla! Lmao

  11. She’s a beautiful woman and I think she needs to just take some time to be by herself with her children and really think about whether or not she wants to continue in her marriage.

  12. I just dnt know why she wnt just leave
    Is it because he is her manager ?
    He is just ? all on her and she know it…
    She is better than that

  13. Through all this drama I still believe Kirk is a homosexual. DOWN LOW . . . DOWN LOW!!

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