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L.A. Clubs Up Their Armed Security In The Wake Of Cardi B’s Gang Threats

As All-Star Weekend approaches, L.A. nightclubs are packing for protection in the wake of #CardiB’s Instagram beef with West Coast Crips.

According to TMZ, the Bronx-bred rapper inked an exclusive deal to host at three clubs for All-Star Weekend. But, in preparation for Cardi’s arrival, the L.A. clubs have upped their armed security in the event of possible gang violence.

If you recall, Cardi was catching heat for disrespecting the rival gang in an Instagram post, where she substituted the B in ‘Blue’ for an F. According to the publication, several West Coast Crips took to her Instagram with negative comments and threats, forcing her to deactivate the comments on the post.
Now, as the highly anticipated weekend approaches, Murano, Penthouse, and Ace of Diamonds are tripling their armed security and hiring off-duty cops to keep the peace and guarantee safety.
In the meantime, Cardi will be pulling in about $250k for the three-night hosting event.

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