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Ladies, What Do Your Panties Say About You?


Don’t let the title alarm you. I was having a discussion with some of my Twitter followers about women and their choice of underwear. I think that when a women intends to sleep with a man she is going to choose her underwear accordingly. Here’s a short blog to let the guys in on the secret under her clothes


1) If you take off her clothes and the panties and bra match, she was intent on sleeping with you. Now, I can’t speak for every female, some females are just very particular, but many of us may buy our underwear as a set but after the first few times we will seldom wear them that way. That is, of course, unless we are planning on having someone see them. Fellas, if you’re with a woman, things are getting steamy and you take off her clothes to see her bra and panties are a matching set…..all systems are go!


2) Lace is for show. Fellas, don’t be fooled by the lace boy short anymore. Back in the day if a young lady was rocking boy shorts, let alone lace ones, she was armed and dangerous. These days every chick is doing it to appear dangerous. It’s all an act and for show.


3) If they’re pink, she’s probably immature. If you’re undressing a girl and her underwear are pink or dawn the face of a cartoon character, it’s a safe bet that she is immature and you want to proceed with caution. Immature women are likely to get jealous easy, fall in love fast or just not know how to approach being a one night stand. Be careful with this one fellas.


4) Missing in action means she’s ready for action. Fellas, if you pull down her pants and her panties are M.I.A, know that you have a live one on your hands. A chick with no panties is probably ready for whatever, doesn’t want to risk walking out your house with wet panties, or left them at another guys place.


5) If they’re red, she watches a lot of television. Chicks in red can probably be described as the type that are into ridiculously romantic movies and dreaming about some Fabio looking character showing up to fix their broken toilet but ending up becoming the love of their life. They’re deep in to romance. Not too daring, but definitely trying to catch his eye the first time around.


6) Dressed in all black, she plays it safe. If you notice that your girl’s underwear are all black ALL the time, know that she plays it safe! She doesn’t want to risk not matching in the event that something may go down, yet wants to keep it slightly on the sexy side. Girls who rock the all black look are the type to think about the “what ifs” in life. They leave no stone unturned. Anything is a possibility.


7) Don’t match? You must detach. If you’re smashing a girl and you two are not in a committed relationship, definitely question her if her panties and bra never match. I don’t mean they don’t come in a set or they’re not the same color. I mean if her panties are lime green plaid and her bra is red and polka dot. Everyday is laundry day for this chick. Either she doesn’t care about her, or she doesn’t care about you. Figure out which is the case!


So ladies, what do your undergarments say about you. Feel free to tell the fellas what you’re wearing too!

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