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Rams’ Lance Kendricks Comes Up 1 Yard Shy of Making Extra $250K

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Rams tight end Lance Kendricks needed 500 yards on the season to make an extra $250,000, which was one of the incentives outlined in the sixth-year veteran’s contract. Unfortunately for him, he ended the regular season with 499 receiving yards.

Prior to the game against the Cardinals last Sunday, Kendricks was just 13 yards shy of reaching the 500-yard mark, and the 13-yard catch he had during the second quarter would have gotten him there. However, a holding call against the Rams negated that catch, leaving him with just 12 total yards at the end of the game.

This unfortunate circumstance caps off what was already a less-than-spectacular year for Kendricks. While he finished with a career-high number of catches, he also only caught a little more than half the passes thrown his way. Kendricks ended the season with 50 receptions and 2 touchdowns to go along with his almost 500 yards.

While $250,000 may not be a lot to Kendricks, who has a contract worth $18.5 million, it still can’t be a good feeling to know he was literally one step away from all that extra money. And who doesn’t want extra money? Better luck next time.

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