Lawyer Claims Justice Clarence Thomas Groped Her in 1999

Lawyer Claims Justice Clarence Thomas Groped Her in 1999


As Justice Clarence Thomas celebrates 25 years in the U.S. Supreme Court, the vice president of an Alaskan energy company has come forward with groping allegations against him. Vice President and general counsel, Moira Smith claimed Thomas groped her at a dinner party in the 90’s. At the time, Smith was 23-years-old. Apparently, Smith’s allegations come in the light of Donald Trump’s “Access Hollywood” tape, reports state, where he brags about sexual assault.

“He groped me while I was setting the table, suggesting I should sit right next to him,” Smith wrote in a Facebook post, reports state “I share this because if this can happen to me – a privileged white woman – three in 10 years, how bad must it be for those who are not as privileged,” she wrote, explaining that she’d been date-raped three years prior and groped in a bar years later. “Enough is enough,” she wrote.

Apparently, Smith, who is also a lawyer, spoke with the National Law Journal about the alleged assault, saying Thomas squeezed her butt multiple times. Smith’s former housemates corroborated her story, claiming Smith came home that night and described what happened. However, several guests of the dinner party denied witnessing any improper behavior.

Thomas respectively denied the claims in a statement via the Supreme Court’s press office.

“This claim preposterous, and it never happened,” he said. His supporters, however, claimed Smith’s intentions were politically motivated, reports state.

“These implausible allegations come from a partisan Democrat who is married to a partisan Democrat who previously withdrew from a political race after is own campaign was mired in allegations of dirty tricks,” Thomas’ former law clerk stated. “I give them no credit whatsoever.”


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