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At Least 5 Men Arrested In Connection To Senseless Stabbing Of NY Teen

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At least 5 suspects are in custody in connection to the brutal murder of a 15-year-old Bronx teen.


Sunday evening, after receiving a tip police made multiple arrests in both Paterson, New Jersey and the Bronx, New York. According to reports, another suspect was previously arrested in the Dominican Republic and at least two others were arrested in connection with the case.
The men are accused of attacking 15-year-old Lesandro, after dragging him out of a Bronx bodega. The men were seen on camera stabbing the teen multiple times before running off. Lesandro managed to get up and seek help, but once no one stopped to help, he ran to a nearby hospital where he fell dead. The entire incident was filmed on camera.
Lesandro’s Mother, who says her son only left their apartment to lend $5 to someone, spoke to CBS2 about the news of the arrests.
“Thank God they were caught,” Leandra Feliz, told CBS2. “It’s good because they have to pay but I want my son back. If they could give me the life of my son I’d be happy.”
A local gang leader allegedly took to Facebook after the stabbing to send his apologies for the senseless murder, stating that it was a case of mistaken identity.

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  1. Sharon Easterling

    They had no right to take anyone’s life, and then you take an innocent life of a child, no mercy for you, I have to get the strength to take this one to GOD,you have left an terrible image in my mind and others, I can’t imagine what the family is feeling right now, I just know my pain is nothing compared to theirs, I pray they make no mistake about putting them all away forever, a dark hole with the reflection of that night and his face, his cries and anything that will burn a hole in their hearts. I’m so sadden by this, I have a seventeen yr old, that’s still act like a baby, still has his innocents, GOD forbid it to ever happen to him. GOD hold on to the family right, say something dear FATHER, ease their pain, and comfort them, I also seek refuge in the name of JESUS 💧💧

  2. Gabriel Escobosa

    Why didn’t do idiot call the police or try to stop it,no they had to pull their phones and record the shit.I can’t stand the world know a days.

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