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LeBron James and Kevin Durant’s “It Ain’t Easy” From 2011 NBA Lockout Released [Listen Here]


It’s official, the song LeBron James and Kevin Durant recorded together has finally hit the internet. 

Back in 2011, James and Durant recorded a song called “It Ain’t Easy” during the NBA lockout, ESPN’s Chris Haynes revealed. 

At that time, James was preparing for his second season with the Miami Heat, while Durant prepped for his fourth season in the league. Though the song’s release initially seemed far-fetched, a Cleveland studio tweeted a snippet last year, sharing vocals from each superstar. 

“Every hater all the same/I’m feeling like the world is Skip Bayless and I’m LeBron James,” Kevin Durant rapped. 

“It ain’t easy, on the path I’m on/But put the world on my back ‘cause I’m that strong,” James said. “Long journey I been on from the very start/No way I die off, with this iron heart.”

Now, just one year later, the full track has been released. 

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