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LeBron James Says The Lakers Listen to Eminem on ‘White Boy’ Wednesdays: ‘It’s Like Taco Tuesdays!’

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Eminem has been getting all the praise lately from athletes who are getting energized to his music during their warm-ups, including Naomi Osaka who said the Detroit rapper helped her work through practices leading up to her victory over Serena Williams in the U.S Open.

LeBron James has been vocal about his love for Eminem, so it didn’t come as a surprise when the Lakers gave a glimpse into their practice music to reporters Wednesday, Eminem was heard blasting from the speakers.

LeBron James, an outspoken Kamikaze fan, was quick to explain the playlist.

“Today’s white boys Wednesdays,’’ James said. “Seriously. You’re laughing, but today’s white boys Wednesdays, so only white boy music day, which I enjoy.”

“I love Eminem, but it wasn’t just Eminem. We had a lot of good music today,” James explains. “For Luke (Walton, the Lakers’ head coach) and Mad Max (Lakers assistant coach Mark Madsen), all those guys. It was a good day.’’ 

Though the questioning began to take on a new direction, James was still amused by “White Boy Wednesdays.” 

“It’s a universal thing, right?’’ he asked reporters, smiling. “It’s just like taco Tuesdays. It’s a (expletive) thing. You guys look at me crazy when I said, it like, ‘Oh, (expletive), white boys Wednesdays.’ 

A reporter responds also smiling, assuring guests “white boy Wednesday” is nothing new here. James kept his spirit light and replied, “I’m about to say, ‘Don’t be looking at me crazy.’ 

James focused his responses on the team chemistry and the fun they had during their first scrimmage.

“We had fun yesterday, too,’’ he said. “That’s what work’s all about. If you’re not having fun doing what you do, then you got the wrong profession.’’

James even went on to compliment rookie point guard, Lonzo Ball. 

“Lonzo’s going to be great,’’ James said. “He’s going to be great for our ball club. We’ve got two great point guards in Zo and Do (Rajon Rondo, or “Doh,’’ as uttered by James). And that rhymes, so I kind of like that a little bit.’

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