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Lee Daniels Calls Out Mo’Nique Over Blackball Claims: “She’s Wrong, She’s Out Of Pocket”

Back in 2014, Dame Dash filed a lawsuit against Lee Daniels over a $2 million investment the movie producer promised to return. Upon his failure to do so, in true Dame Dash fashion, the hip-hop music mogul put the pressure on Daniels in a recorded exchange at a recent Diana Ross concert, which in turn encouraged Daniels to make plans to make good on his word. 

However, as the details of the disagreement continued to unfold, Dash’s accusations against Daniels began to sound vaguely familiar. In fact, fans drew comparisons between the complaints of the legendary businessman and blackballed comedian, Mo’Nique. 

“Monique did Precious for 50k cuz Lee Daniels didn’t have no money to pay her. She did that man a favor. Off the strength of that script. Off the strength of their friendship. She got that film an Oscar. And what he do? Black ball her cuz she wouldn’t shuck and jive,” Jenn E. Penny wrote on Twitter, adding, “Of course he dodging Dame for 2 mill. That shit don’t even surprise me. But now that a man has exposed him for being trife. Only now will y’all believe Monique. Our word is never enough.” 

“Being a black woman is so hard & crazy to see how we’re mistreated & overlooked in corporate America and the entertainment industry,” another user wrote. “Monique literally came out and said the same shit about Lee Daniels and ya’ll dragged her to fifth, now Dame does the same and he gets praised.” 

Despite the comparisons though, Daniels said the situations are completely different. In fact, he says the only person responsible for Mo’Nique getting blackballed from Hollywood is Mo’Nique. 

In his interview with Raq Rants after the Dame Dash blowup, Daniels adresssed the comedian’s claim that he, Tyler Perry and Oprah shut her out of the movie business after her Oscar winning performance in “Precious.” 

“Mo’Nique – I fought hard for her to get that job. I wanted her to get that job and she was paid her money,” he said, as he referenced her disrespect in last year’s stand up. “She was paid the money for the budget that we had. And for her to bad mouth myself and Tyler and Oprah is disrespectful and it’s wrong. She’s wrong, she’s out of pocket.”  

“It ain’t even worth the conversation, like she needs to shut up,” he said. 

What are your thoughts? Was Mo’Nique wrong for calling out Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah?

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